Follow the scientists from the winter mission Odyssée Saint-Laurent aboard the Amundsen Canadian Coast Guard ship live on the Réseau Québec maritime (RQM) facebook page and follow the ship’s journey in real time on the Amundsen Science website

As part of the Réseau Québec maritime (RQM) flagship research program, Odyssée-St Laurent, and thanks to a strategic partnership developed with Amundsen Science and the Canadian Coast Guard, a mission aboard the CCGS Amundsen will take place from February 8 to 24th, 2018. This mission, linked to the Discovery tab of the Odyssée Saint-Laurent research program, aims to acquire strategic knowledge including the collection of oceanographic data in winter. More specifically, the mission aims to make breakthroughs in terms of knowledge of the dynamics and interactions of the physical, biogeochemical, ecological and sedimentological processes taking place in the St. Lawrence system over the winter. The RQM Odyssée Saint-Laurent program is funded by the Quebec Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation.