The Quebec Marine Network (RQM) unveils the list of the first six intersectoral research projects funded as part of its Odyssée Saint-Laurent research program. Among these projects, one is carried out as part of a collaboration with the France-Quebec Institute for Scientific Cooperation in Support of the Maritime Sector (IFQM). Funding totaling $ 1,235,489 was allocated for these projects to build on the strengths of research and to position Québec as an international maritime flagship.

Launched last November, this first call for projects from Odyssée Saint-Laurent, the RQM’s flagship research program financially supported by the Ministry of the Economy, Science and Innovation (MÉSI), was open to the public. members of the Network. They were invited to submit collaborative projects in line with one of the three projects of the program: Discovery, Application and Open Innovation.

The selected projects will support the objectives identified in the Québec Marine Strategy, including the development of sustainable growth of the maritime economy, the protection of the integrity of the St. Lawrence River’s fluvial and marine ecosystems and the improvement of the well-being of coastal communities. They will also serve as incubators for the development of new research initiatives at the national and international levels, as well as encourage the training of highly qualified personnel in the maritime sector.

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