The Québec Maritime Network (RQM) unveils a list of the first five intersectoral research projects funded through its activities. A total of $ 467,000 were awarded.


1) Minimize energy consumption when using gas purification systems on ships – Principal Investigator: Faïçal Larachi of Université Laval, partners: Innovation maritime and CO2 Solutions Inc.

2) Understanding environmental stressors in industrial harbor areas (ZIP) and monitoring changes in basic natural conditions – Principal Investigator: Jean-Éric Tremblay of Québec-Ocean, partners: Université Laval, Institut nordique de recherche en environnement et en santé au travail (INREST), St. Lawrence Global Observatory (OGSL), Ports de Québec and Sept-Îles.

3) Characterize the temporal changes and extent of eelgrass beds in the estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence and identify the mechanisms responsible for these changes- Principal Investigator: Mathieu Cusson of UQAC, partners: UQAR, Université Laval , INREST, Port of Sept-Îles and Québec-Océan.

4) Create a portal that provides to communities struggling with environmental and climate changes, a set of tools facilitating their actions regarding their adaptation – Principal Investigator: Sebastian Weissenberger of UQAM, partners: UQAR, Quebec Watershed Organizations Grouping (ROBVQ), Grand Council of the Waban-Aki Nation.

5) Improve the level of occupational health and safety knowledge of Québec professional divers and their capacity to respond to emergencies – Principal Investigator: Neal Pollock of Université Laval, partners: Institut maritime du Québec (IMQ) , CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches, Center for Diving Medicine of Quebec, Quebec Federation of Underwater Activities (FQAS).

As part of this call for research projects proposal, the RQM also supported two requests for vessel time for the Lampsilis, a research vessel capable of navigating in the freshwater and brackish waters of the St. Lawrence River and some of its tributaries.