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Call for proposal – winter oceanographic mission on CCGS Amundsen

The Odyssée Saint-Laurent team wishes to organize their third winter oceanographic cruise aboard the CCGS Amundsen in 2020. The main objective of this multidisciplinary mission will be to monitor the winter conditions of the Saint-Lawrence estuary and gulf. Please consult the guide for further information and fulfill the intention form to signal your interest.

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RQM job offers

The team of the Réseau Québec maritime is looking for an administrative coordinator.

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Blue Innovation Review

Launch of the first innovation and economy review : Blue Innovation. Read the interview on Quebec’s maritime strategy from page 58 to 63. Also, we are talking about the the Quebec Maritime Network (RQM) on page 59. Good reading!

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Launching of the calls for proposals and ship time as part of the flagship research program, Odyssée Saint-Laurent, from the Réseau Québec maritime (RQM)

Deadline: December 2nd 2018, 23:59

Experts - Réseau Québec Maritime de Rimouski  Calls

Networking activity – Cross-sectoral projects

May 31th, 2018 at the Lévis Convention and Exhibition Center, the RQM and the IFQM are organizing a networking activity with Quebec’s maritime research stakeholders to co-build cross-sectoral research projects.

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Annual General Meeting

On June 1st 2018 at the UQAR campus in Lévis, members of the Réseau Québec maritime (RQM) are invited to participate in the Network’s Annual General Meeting. The contribution of members to the activities of the RQM is necessary for the co-development of a strong network of collaborations favoring the sharing and transfer of knowledge and technologies. Several important points will be presented including the annual report of activities.



Funding of six intersectoral research projects

The Quebec Marine Network (RQM) unveils the list of the first six intersectoral research projects funded as part of its Odyssée Saint-Laurent research program. Among these projects, one is carried out as part of a collaboration with the France-Quebec Institute for Scientific Cooperation in Support of the Maritime Sector (IFQM). Funding totaling $ 1,235,489 was allocated for these projects to build on the strengths of research and to position Québec as an international maritime flagship.

Launched last November, this first call for projects from Odyssée Saint-Laurent, the RQM’s flagship research program financially supported by the Ministry of the Economy, Science and Innovation (MÉSI), was open to the public. members of the Network. They were invited to submit collaborative projects in line with one of the three projects of the program: Discovery, Application and Open Innovation.

The selected projects will support the objectives identified in the Québec Marine Strategy, including the development of sustainable growth of the maritime economy, the protection of the integrity of the St. Lawrence River’s fluvial and marine ecosystems and the improvement of the well-being of coastal communities. They will also serve as incubators for the development of new research initiatives at the national and international levels, as well as encourage the training of highly qualified personnel in the maritime sector.

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Ship Time Call

As part of the Odyssée Saint-Laurent, the flagship research program of the Réseau Québec maritime (RQM), a ship time research project call has been launched.

Deadline: March 23rd 2018

Experts - Réseau Québec Maritime de Rimouski Odyssée Saint-Laurent Ship Time Call

Odyssée Saint-Laurent winter mission

Follow the scientists from the winter mission Odyssée Saint-Laurent aboard the Amundsen Canadian Coast Guard ship live on the Réseau Québec maritime (RQM) facebook page and follow the ship’s journey in real time on the Amundsen Science website

As part of the Réseau Québec maritime (RQM) flagship research program, Odyssée-St Laurent, and thanks to a strategic partnership developed with Amundsen Science and the Canadian Coast Guard, a mission aboard the CCGS Amundsen will take place from February 8 to 24th, 2018. This mission, linked to the Discovery tab of the Odyssée Saint-Laurent research program, aims to acquire strategic knowledge including the collection of oceanographic data in winter. More specifically, the mission aims to make breakthroughs in terms of knowledge of the dynamics and interactions of the physical, biogeochemical, ecological and sedimentological processes taking place in the St. Lawrence system over the winter. The RQM Odyssée Saint-Laurent program is funded by the Quebec Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation.

Call for the RQM/IFQM summer school

Deadline:  March 1st 2018

The financial support granted by the Réseau Québec maritime (RQM) and the Institut France-Québec pour la coopération scientifique en appui au secteur maritime (IFQM) within the framework of this call is intended to allow the establishment and the realization of a summer school in the following research themes

  • Ecosystem health
  • Health of population and human communities
  • Security, safety and maritime surveillance
  • Sustainable and intelligent maritime transport
  • Fisheries, aquaculture and marine biotechnology

Experts - Réseau Québec Maritime de Rimouski RQM/IFQM summer school call

Call for proposals

Deadline:  January 15th 2018

Financial support for research projects under the Odyssée Saint-Laurent program of the RQM aims to:

  • meet the research objectives of the three program research fields;
  • foster the development of innovative and intersectoral collaborative projects;
  • ensure a dynamic and interactive link between the research actors and the users to promote the transfer, integration, appropriation of technologies and knowledge, and the use of evidence and participatory methods in decision-making mechanisms;
  • encourage the training of highly qualified personnel in the maritime sector.

RQM arrows Call for proposals under the Odyssée Saint-Laurent program of the Réseau Québec maritime (RQM)

RQM tour report

Read the Réseau Québec maritime tour report.

RQM arrows RQM tour report (in French only)

RQM Quebec tour

The RQM team invites you to participate to an interactive meeting and an information session during its Quebec tour this fall. On this occasion, the RQM will stop in Quebec City, Sept-Îles, Rimouski, Gaspé and Montreal. After meeting with the actors from the Magdalen Islands in September, the RQM is continuing its tour to reach members and encourage new partnerships while promoting intersectoral research linked to sustainable and responsible marine development issues. We will take advantage of these meetings to present the Odyssée Saint-Laurent research program, the various upcoming activities, as well as the new virtual research platform “Explore RQM”. It is also an opportunity for you to test the platform and share your comments and suggestions so that we can create a tool of public interest useful to the various maritime players.


RQM Annual report of activities 2016-2017

The annual report of activities of the Réseau Québec maritime was presented to all members and adopted in Assembly on June 13th.

Read it and discover the achievements of the RQM since its creation in May 2016.

RQM arrows RQM_Rapport annuel d’activités 2016-2017

Annual meeting of members

The 2nd RQM annual meetin of members will be held on June 13th 2017. The annual activity report will be presented, along with the Odyssée Saint-Laurent program funded by the Government of Quebec ($ 15M / 5 years) and carried out by the RQM.

5 intersectoral research projects funded

The Québec Maritime Network (RQM) unveils a list of the first five intersectoral research projects funded through its activities. A total of $ 467,000 were awarded.


1) Minimize energy consumption when using gas purification systems on ships – Principal Investigator: Faïçal Larachi of Université Laval, partners: Innovation maritime and CO2 Solutions Inc.

2) Understanding environmental stressors in industrial harbor areas (ZIP) and monitoring changes in basic natural conditions – Principal Investigator: Jean-Éric Tremblay of Québec-Ocean, partners: Université Laval, Institut nordique de recherche en environnement et en santé au travail (INREST), St. Lawrence Global Observatory (OGSL), Ports de Québec and Sept-Îles.

3) Characterize the temporal changes and extent of eelgrass beds in the estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence and identify the mechanisms responsible for these changes- Principal Investigator: Mathieu Cusson of UQAC, partners: UQAR, Université Laval , INREST, Port of Sept-Îles and Québec-Océan.

4) Create a portal that provides to communities struggling with environmental and climate changes, a set of tools facilitating their actions regarding their adaptation – Principal Investigator: Sebastian Weissenberger of UQAM, partners: UQAR, Quebec Watershed Organizations Grouping (ROBVQ), Grand Council of the Waban-Aki Nation.

5) Improve the level of occupational health and safety knowledge of Québec professional divers and their capacity to respond to emergencies – Principal Investigator: Neal Pollock of Université Laval, partners: Institut maritime du Québec (IMQ) , CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches, Center for Diving Medicine of Quebec, Quebec Federation of Underwater Activities (FQAS).

As part of this call for research projects proposal, the RQM also supported two requests for vessel time for the Lampsilis, a research vessel capable of navigating in the freshwater and brackish waters of the St. Lawrence River and some of its tributaries.

May 10, 11 and 12th 2017 – ACFAS

Symposium “How to make Quebec a leading international maritime research player ?

April 12th 2017, Québec

Presentation of the RQM and the France-Québec Maritime Institute (Institut France-Québec pour la coopération scientifique en appui au secteur maritime-IFQM) to the consular body of Québec.

March 27th and 28th 2017 – RQM Living Lab Workshop, Rimouski

A co-construction activity to collectively prototype solutions that answer the question: “How could we ensure the sharing of information, data, expertise and infrastructures among RQM members in order to provide Québec with an integrated and an intersectoral approach towards challenges of a sustainable maritime development? “

March 1st 2017 – Deadline for research projects submission

The financial support for research projects within the framework of RQM activities aims :

1) to meet the objectives of the scientific strategy of the RQM;

2) to foster the development of innovative and intersectoral collaborative projects;

(3) to ensure a dynamic and interactive link between research actors and users to encourage the transfer, integration, appropriation of technologies and knowledge and the use of participatory methods in decision-making mechanisms;

(4) to encourage the training of highly qualified personnel in the maritime sector.

January 26th 2017 – First call for research projects proposal