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By adhering to the Québec Maritime Network (RQM) principles and objectives, by actively participating to the activities and by being involved in RQM projects, your organisation will contribute to the emergence of a collective maritime research infrastructure for the co-development of innovation and knowledge in Québec. Your collaboration will ensure a dynamic relationship between researchers, users and decision makers, and allow the positioning of Quebec actors of the sustainable maritime development on the national and international stages.

To become a member, please identify the most suited person to represent your organisation and therefore to participate to RQM activities. This person will have to fill the membership application form in the name of your organisation. Before filling the online application form, please validate that your organisation is not already a member of the Network.

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Representatives of a duly recognized research group, attached to an academic institution member of the RQM, are invited to fill in the specific form to express their interest in joining the Réseau Québec maritime.

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