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Training Session 2019
Data management and Archiving


Why should you participate?

  • Because it is everyone’s responsibility to know how to properly prepare, manage and archive data…
    • even those who work with someone else’s data or with historical data!
    • even those who collect biological data!
    • even those who develop models and simulations!
  • Because it is an increasingly sought-after skill!
  • Because it’s free!

On the agenda

  • Basic data concepts: terminology, type and life cycle of data.
  • Data management: determinants of data quality and integrity, management plan, practical exercises.
  • Archiving and cataloguing: reference platforms and practical exercises.


  • Pascal Guillot, Québec-Océan and Amundsen Science
  • Colline Gombault, ArcticNet and Amundsen Science
  • Philippe Massicotte, Takuvik and Québec-Océan
  • Maxime Lévesque, Observatoire Global du Saint-Laurent
  • James Caveen, Institut des sciences de la mer de Rimouski

Who can participate?

  • All graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are members of Québec-Océan or the Réseau Québec Maritime

The number of places is limited, priority will be given to members of Québec-Océan and to students and postdocs who are members of the Réseau Québec Maritime.

For more information

  • Participants who are members of Québec-Océan in Montréal and Chicoutimi may be eligible for financial assistance to attend the training session in Québec City on October 29.
  • All confirmed participants will receive a questionnaire to establish their current level of knowledge with data (beginner, intermediate, advanced) as well as detailed instructions for their preparation for the workshop.
  • Information : sophie_banville@uqar.ca

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