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Implemented in 2016, the Quebec Maritime Network (RQM) aims at providing Québec with a consultation and cooperation maritime research tool.

In a spirit of shared and integrated knowledge, the RQM promotes Quebec’s existing structures and experts and facilitates, for industries, governments, ministries and municipalities, access to a diversified critical mass of researchers coming from various research clusters and institutions throughout the province. In accordance with the objectives of the province’s first Maritime Strategy, this initiative thus contributes to the sustainable development of Quebec.

2014 – Formulation of the first Maritime Strategy by the government of Québec.

2014 – Concertation of researchers and stakeholders of the maritime sector to define Quebec’s research needs in support of the Maritime Strategy.

2014 – Proposal, by the University of Québec in Rimouski and Québec’s Research Funds, to create a unifying research network.

2015-2016 – Definition of the Quebec Maritime Network (RQM) and its research themes by an advisory committee formed of experts from several disciplines and institutions from Québec.

May 26th 2016 – Formal establishment of the RQM to propel Quebec as an international flagship in maritime research.

June 28th 2016 – First General assembly of RQM members and appointment of the first executive director, Prof. Guillaume St-Onge.

August 23rd  2016 – Nomination of the first five research theme directors of the RQM.

Research theme directors

1- Health of ecosystems:  Pierre Magnan, UQTR, Centre de recherche sur les interactions bassins versants – écosystèmes aquatiques (RIVE)

2- Health of human communities:  Steve Plante, UQAR, réseau Notre Golfe, Centre de recherche sur le développement territorial (CRDT)

3- Maritime surveillance, safety and security:  Dany Dumont, UQAR-ISMER, membre des réseaux Québec-Océan, Notre Golfe, MEOPAR, CHONe et ArcticNet

4- Sustainable and intelligent shipping:  Claude Comtois, Université de Montréal, Centre interuniversitaire de recherche sur les réseaux d’entreprise, la logistique et le transport (CIRRELT)

5- Resources, marine energies and health of the maritime economy:  Céline Audet, UQAR-ISMER, Ressources Aquatiques Québec (RAQ)

November 10th 2016 –  Extraordinary assembly of RQM members

December 2016 – Implementation of the RQM Industrial Table

January 2017 –  Adoption of the RQM Scientific Strategy

January 26th 2017 – First call for RQM research proposals

March 2017 – Funding, from the Government of Québec, of the St. Lawrence Odyssey, RQM’s flagship research program