Explore RQM

In order to facilitate collaboration, federate the research and innovation actors in the various fields related to the maritime sector, the Réseau Québec maritime (RQM) has identified Québec’s expertise in research of all its members. The ExploreRQM database is a comprehensive tool, listing all the research experts working, from near and far, in the marine environment. ExploreRQM also makes an inventory of university and college training in the field and allows you to search past and current projects under the auspices of the RQM. You can search by keywords, in French or English, by location or by researcher. The database is updated semi-automatically twice a year by searching through the websites of our members.

Launch : end of October 2019

To add or modify an expertise, fill out the following form : Explore RQM form

To send us your comments write to : info-rqm@uqar.ca